Planning to Take Your Child to an International Pre-School? Tips to Get Started

Preschool is perhaps one of the most critical stages of your toddler’s life. It presents an excellent opportunity to lay the foundation for a brighter future. Not only that, but preschool allows your child to develop life skills. However, the first few days can be difficult for your bundle of joy. That’s why you should take your time to prepare your toddler for life at an international school in Bangkok.

The teachers at Sparsha Pre-School have developed this guide to help you prepare your toddler for international preschool. 

Learn About Their Interests

Pre-school is among the most vital stages of your toddler’s life. For that reason, it’s always essential to understand your child’s needs and interests. Observe your child to see what they like and don’t like. Also, engage your child in a conversation to get a clear insight into their interest. You can even create pretend-play games to learn more about your child. 

Use Their Imagination

Children use their creativity and imagination to explore and learn more about their surroundings. As a parent, you can leverage your child’s creativity and imagination to prepare them for an international school in Bangkok.

To do that, create routine activities and pretend-play games to acclimate your child to school life. For instance, let your child get dressed for school. You can even ask them to carry the bag and say goodbye to them. These activities and games will sharpen your child’s motor skills and prepare them for preschool. 

Help Them to Socialize

Your child will meet and interact with several kids in their new school. That’s why it is essential to help them socialize before setting foot in an international school. You can organize play dates, invite other kids for birthdays, and take your child to festivals, games, and other activities. Teaching your child how to socialize early will improve communication skills and reduce fear. 

The Bottom Line

Although many parents don’t think about it, preschool is among the most fundamental stages of a child’s life. It would help if you leveraged their imagination to prepare them for an international school in Bangkok. You should also learn about their interests and help them to socialize.


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