Mindfulness Meditation: The Key to Inner Calm

How easy is it to possess and maintain inner calm today? Not so easy, if you ask me. Past events could breed depression and future uncertainty could also incite anxiety. This sad reality can be tackled if you engage yourself with mindfulness meditation at regular intervals.

Mindfulness and Meditation: How They Relate

While it is noted that mindfulness and meditation are two different words, there is a connection between the two. First, it is important to know that there are many types of meditation; we have body scan meditation, breath awareness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and many more.

For you to practice mindfulness, which simply means paying attention to the present, you have to engage in mindfulness meditation.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a mental exercise that involves focusing your mind on personal experience such as emotions, thoughts, and feelings in the present moment. Simply put, it involves paying attention to your present experience as you go through it.

How Mindfulness Meditation Aids Inner Calm

It is often noticed that low attention span is caused by regrets of the past and anxieties of the future. Most of the times, dwelling on these thoughts are never productive. Instead, they clog up the brain with worries which accumulate over time and transform to stress.

Mindfulness meditation can change the way we think because our brain is configured to adapt to changes. When this exercise is done regularly, your brain will be wired to relax even in tense situations and you will be in a position to take more calculated decisions that will subsequently yield positive results.

It helps you get better at managing anxieties as mindfulness meditation reduces your stress level. Consistent meditation drops anxiety level due to the fact that it involves focusing on present moment experiences.

Think of mindfulness meditation as acquiring a skill, you don’t become a great footballer by training for just a day. Likewise, results of mindfulness meditation don’t just show up after the first session. You must exercise at regular intervals. Moreover, it is possible you experience setbacks but through resilience and concerted effort, you are going to attain the ultimate goal of inner calm.

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