How do I identify an international school in Bangkok?

If you are in Bangkok for work and have to relocate to the Thailand capital with your children and family, then you have a lot to worry about. While you would be worrying about how you will blend into the new environment, you will also worry about your kids and how they will settle in both at home and in school.

In school, they will be meeting kids who are from different cultural backgrounds and this might make them uneasy trying hard to fit in. relocating also means your kids’ education will be disrupted.

However, the best way around this is enrolling them in an international school of Bangkok.

So how do you identify an international school?

An International School of Bangkok is not just any school but differ from the conventional schools in so many ways.

Firstly, an international school will make use of an international curriculum. Conventional schools in Bangkok often use the Thai curriculum but they are English programmed.

Each international school of Bangkok uses either of American, British, German, or French curricula. International schools also offer the international baccalaureate (not all do though).

Another way to identify an international school of Bangkok is to check for the organizations the school is affiliated to. International schools are always in affiliation with several bodies like CIN and ISAT. These bodies manage the affairs of the schools and ensure that these schools meet the international standard for safety and excellence.

An international school has foreign teachers who teach foreign language subjects. These teachers are teaching their native language and do so naturally better than someone who has to learn it.

International schools of Bangkok also has more than 75% of its students from different cultural backgrounds. International schools have well-trained teachers who can bring these kids together into a single whole while helping them to understand and respect each other’s background.

International schools also have small class size. This may be due to the small number of expats and the numerous international schools or merely a function of the humongous fees these school request for annually.

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