Debunking Common Myths About International Schools in Bangkok

You will likely encounter many myths when searching for the best interactive school in Bangkok. For example, some people will tell you that Bangkok international schools are expensive. Others say that these international schools only enroll international students. 

Today, Sparsha Pre-School will debunk all of Bangkok's common myths about international schools.

International Schools in Bangkok are Expensive 

Many people believe that international schools in Bangkok are costly. Although most international schools in this beautiful city are expensive compared to the local, public, and private schools, they provide more value for your money. To start with, students in international schools are better placed to leverage global opportunities than those in local schools. 

Moreover, international schools in Bangkok employ seasoned and qualified teachers, unlike some public and private schools. Also, Bangkok international schools have better facilities and resources than most local schools. 

International Schools in Bangkok Only Accept Foreign Students 

Most locals assume that Bangkok international schools only accept international students. On the contrary, these schools accept students from all walks of life. Since these schools take students from all parts of the world, students have the chance to learn and appreciate different cultures. Additionally, students get to learn many foreign languages.

International Schools in Bangkok Don't Teach Local Languages

Although most international schools in Bangkok use English as a shared language, these schools also understand the importance of teaching local languages. As such, students in international schools in Bangkok also have a chance to learn the local languages. Additionally, they interact with local students, teachers, and staff.

International Schools in Bangkok don't Value Extracurricular Activities

Another myth you will likely encounter is that international schools in Bangkok don't value sports or extracurricular activities. However, contrary to popular belief, international schools in Bangkok invest heavily in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and social events. In addition, most schools have world-class facilities to promote extracurricular activities.

These resources include modern swimming pools, football fields, athletic tracks, gyms, art rooms, and theatres. Moreover, most international schools in Bangkok have a culture day to encourage students to learn about different cultures. 


So much has been said about international schools in Bangkok. The truth is that these schools value extracurricular activities and education. Additionally, international schools in Bangkok enroll students from all walks of life. 


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