Better days at an international school in Thailand

Bangkok in Thailand is a city, bursting with diversity, culture and contrasts. Expats live here in scores and having children here means they have to think about their education. Thai education is free, of which 9 years are compulsory. Children learn things like maths, science, Thai language, religion and culture, other foreign languages, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of the schools in Thailand are not well funded and some schools have a language barrier where Thai is the only language spoken in the classroom. As a result, many expatriates look for an international school in Thailand.

Many international schools are situated in Bangkok and parents can choose their chosen school by the language of choice, the curriculum offered and the diploma courses on offer. 

American School of Bangkok offers your child outstanding international education.  There are two campuses with state-of-the-art facilities. Staff do their utmost to build and work with your child to achieve academic excellence. Their mission is to teach your child about mutual respect for others; children are taught to be independent, responsible, caring leaders of the future where their input and character will make the world a better place.

Education is based on the American curriculum. The curriculum, albeit challenging, ensures that a student’s intellectual development is developed, always being updated to ensure that they are absolutely ready for their next level of education and that is the university years. A student will have gone through superb education, developed socially, emotionally and physically in a peaceful, happy and friendly environment. 

ASB realises that where there is a rigorous academic programme to follow, there is always a good balance and therefore, healthy and competitive sporting activities will include things like:
•    Soccer
•    Volleyball
•    Basketball
•    Tennis
•    Swimming
•    Badminton
•    Softball
•    Athletics
•    Beautiful and relaxing playgrounds
•    Indoor gym
•    Squash
•    Ballet studio, and much more

Plenty of facilities are provided so that children are naturally happy, they thrive and grow. Let your child achieve great things at a great school, it’s The American School of Bangkok.


  • To assist in best way of parenting
  • To enable young mind with passion for learning
  • To provide the most conducive and safest environment of learning
  • To be responsive to even the most subtler curiosity of young minds


To be capable of exploring the innate potential of each child and inculcating the genuine love for learning along with providing best learning ecosystem.